Thursday 26 July 2012

Dance clothing obsessed

I have been expanding my ballet horizons! Over the summer, my local ballet school is closed (boo!) so I've had to be brave and venture further afield.

Special thanks go to Dave (@davetriesballet) who babysat me through my first "strange" class.

As well as meeting new teachers and being exposed to different teaching approaches (which can only be a good thing), my clothing horizons have also been widened...

At my regular class, it's dark coloured leotards and pink ballet tights, but the world of ballet wear seems to extend far and wide from those humble beginnings: there's skirts, shorts, tights over leotards, socks, legwarmers, vest tops, t-shirts, leggings and even a wide selection of shoes. It's a veritable fashion parade! Not that I entirely appreciate some of the looks (e.g. to my mind, tights over a leotard looks odd, but that might simply be because I'm not used to it).

So what's a girl to do? Accessorise of course! One trip to Primark later (and a whole £4.50 spent!), and I have a couple of pieces to mix and match with my leotard:

Add a few old tops and a pair of leggings to my new purchases and I suddenly own a vast range of ballet wear!


Rachelle Q said...

Cute! Glad you found another place to go:)

Sarah said...


So I tried to follow you on twitter, but your link doesn't seem to be working!!

RainStorm said...

Oh no! Will try to get it fixed tomorrow (there have been some problems on twitter today so it might be at their end).

You can find me at @MissRainStorm :)

Elle said...

How sweet. Love to have cute clothes to work out in!