Sunday 8 July 2012

Oh, so organised

I got a bit carried away in trying to make sure I manage to get to some ballet lessons over the summer - I got a couple of recommendations from twitter and then researched the different levels for each location. It was a bit complicated as each studio has a different set of classes and despite their descriptions, it's still a bit of guess-work: Am I a beginner+? General? Intermediate? Elementary?! It was pretty confusing.

And now I'm left with a spreadsheet (yup - I said I was being organised!) of different class options. I wonder how many I'll realistically make it to?! :)


Rachelle Q said...

Way to get organized:) glad you found something you enjoy.

Sarah said...

That's cool! I love spreadsheets too.

Cathy said...

Hate when you have to figure out how good or bad you are at something as it's hard judging your own skill level. At least you have 6 weeks to focus on things you enjoy doing. (Cathy)