Friday 12 April 2013

Fitness shake up

I'm sure I've read multiple times that changing your workout every now and again is a good idea. Something to do with challenging your muscles to work in different ways... ?

Currently, my main focus is ballet classes (which I'm sure everyone reading this blog is sick of hearing about!). It inspires, motivates and pushes me to work harder.

However, to develop in my ballet I need to do other work: cardio, strength and stretching. Luckily I've recently gained access to a gym. It doesn't have a swimming pool (I do enjoy swimming) but the range of equipment has inspired me. I *might* even start running on the treadmill once my IT band has been stretched out (slightly overdid it with nearly seven hours of ballet classes last week!).

On top of generally working out and having a go on the machines (my current favourites being the cross-trainer and rowing machine), I have one specific goal in mind: to work on my core strength and upper back muscles.

If I'm feeling brave then I might start having a go at pull ups, encouraged by a recent post by Janetha at Meals and Moves blog. She demonstrates a progression of moves to build up to a full pull up:

I've got a long way to go!


Elle said...

Such a good demo! I hadn't seen this before.

Clare said...

We have a chin up bar, and I tried a few years ago to progress to five. I could only do one. Since breaking my shoulder, I can't even hang from my arms so I guess chimps are out for me!

I always find gyms really dull :(