Friday 3 January 2014

Catching up - Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I certainly did, although I caught the traditional Christmas-holidays-cold which rather knocked me for six in the run up to the big day :( But apart from that it was wonderful!

My Christmas tree, featuring this year's new bauble - my sparkly pear:

In the run up to Christmas we took the nieces ice skating outside the Natural History Museum - super fun!

On Christmas eve we had a fish dinner, something that my family have always done and I'm not entirely sure why. Might be linked to my mother having lived in Spain for many years? I made a fantastic fish pie which has to feature in its own post because I took lots of photos!

Christmas Day was fairly busy with church and two families to visit. Luckily, I still managed a few cuddles with my new nephew!

Then Boxing Day was the start of the real adventure... which deserves a post of its own...

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Elle said...

Lovely - cannot WAIT to hear about your Boxing Day and adventures.

Happy New Year!

Did you enjoy some fireworks?