Saturday 29 October 2011

Thoughts about Alicante

What a lovely city! Sea, sun, boats, beach, castles and a really gentle pace of life. I'm sure it's busier during the main tourist season, but in October it was pretty calm. Maybe I'm just still on a holiday-high, but I liked it. A lot.

My Thoughts:
Nicely warm (22-26degC), mostly sunny. The middle day was a bit grey and rainy, but still much warmer than home!
Artificial sand, but that wasn't really a problem. Not too busy - plenty of space to settle ourselves down (and practise some martial arts!).
Very blue to look at and actually very clear. I had fish swimming around my feet!!! Surprisingly warm too, which is probably because it's the end of summer. The waves were a bit too small for surfing - I need the Atlantic ocean for that!
Things to do
Undecided. In all honesty, we went to do as little as possible (which is a change from our usual busy holidays). We took the lift up to the main castle, Santa Barbara, just under 400m up, and then walked down along the West wall. We also pottered up to another castle. Beyond that it was people watching, eating and basking in the sun...
Mostly friendly. They let me practise my Spanish, but reverted to English if I got stuck! In a few places that we went, English wasn't spoken at all - I consider that a bonus in tourist destinations (even if it does make life harder!). There were a few hawkers about, but they didn't really hassle us in the way we have experienced in other places.
Quiet, elegant, modern and comfortable (Eurostars Lucentum).

Posing outside the hotel.

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