Monday 19 March 2012

A more positive run

There were a few things that made yesterday's run much better than my recent attempts:

Running during the day (and with sunshine) was really nice.

Not doing it after a whole day at work (which is often exhausting in itself).

Brilliant advice from A. He told me to that I could run the whole 8 miles and that I just needed to believe in myself and keep going.
Taking it slow and steady (more advice from A).

All things considered, the biggest difference was my mentality in approaching the run. And I almost enjoyed it; I'm definitely proud that I did it - 8 miles under the belt is a better position to be in, preparing for my upcoming event. (I daren't use the word "race" as I will be in no way racing!)

Am going to let my legs recover a bit (especially my left knee, which seems to be rebelling slightly) and then maybe go for a stamina-building but non-impact swim...


Rachelle Q said...

Great job! Running is definitely mental. I struggle with the mental side much more than the physical. Glad you had a good one and I hope you have many more:)

Sara said...

this is awesome!! keep going! I love that you're using "event" it is a much better term than race. So much less pressure :-) ok if i copy you?

RainStorm said...

It really is, isn't it? I definitely need to give my positive attitude more of a workout!

RainStorm said...

I need as little pressure as possible! Stressing myself out does NOT help me run well :)

Cathy said...

I agree with running in the sunshine and it being more difficult after work - I'll see how I get on this week lol. Well done on getting 8 miles in.

Elle said...

Hurray for sunshine and fresh (non-worked) legs.

I am so happy that you did the 8 miles and got the mental aspect of it out of the way.

hurray for an EVENT! I am thinking of my upcoming half as my firts formal EVENT as well.. fun.

I have 8 miles to do on Saturday this week.

Have you tried a nice soak in tub of epsom salts? It is very soothing and relaxing for the legs.

Fleur Cotton said...

Great that you had a positive run!

I've been running for four years and have found that runners all have their ups and downs. Forget the bad runs and focus on the good ones.

8 miles is a good achievement. I'm doing a half marathon on Sunday too, it's one of my favourite distances as you don't have to start too fast and you can get a good rhythm going.

Pop over to my blog if you have the time for my tales of running and knitting two loves!!

Good Luck for your race.
Fleur xx

RainStorm said...

Thank you everyone for such positive comments! I did feel a lot better after Sunday's run. And I'm loving how "event" is so popular :)