Thursday 18 April 2013

Monitoring sleep

Whilst flicking through Zest magazine last week, I spotted a page of health-related apps. Interesting. I decided to download a couple, including this sleep app:

It's rather clever - you place your phone on your bed (there's a testing setting to check it's positioned correctly) and it monitors your sleep by your movement.

Every morning, it graphs your sleep and rates the quality. If you set the alarm, then you need to identify a 30min window; the app then decides exactly when to wake you, aiming to do it when you are in light sleep so that you wake feeling fresh rather than groggy.

It does all sorts of other clever things too. My favourite is the "sleep notes". Every evening you answer a short list of questions (either preset or your own). Then in the morning the app works out how the categories have affected your sleep. The more time you do it for, the more accurate the results.

e.g. Apparently, having a light dinner and working out in the day tend to improve the quality of my sleep, whereas eating dinner late has a negative effect:

I've used this app every day for the last two weeks and am still finding it fascinating. I'm not particularly feeling the benefits of being woken at the "best part" of my sleep cycle, but I expect that will come in time.


Elle said...

How cool.... there really IS an app for everything these days.

Cathy said...

Never heard of this before. Might have to try it.