Friday 5 April 2013

Taking a break

I had this past week off work. Traditionally this doesn't go particularly well for me: either I end up working/thinking about work for the whole time, or I plan to do loads and loads of useful stuff and then fail to get anything much done. Whichever way it goes, I tend to end the week still tired and stressed.

This week has gone better. I put this down to my new "to do list" strategy, which involves a short list for the day including nice stuff. For example, one day's list was:
buy new buttons for coat
book haircut
buy a birthday card
ballet class 4.30pm

It's been a revolution! I've got more done than usual and feel more relaxed!

The week started with four ballet classes (two on Tuesday and two on Wednesday). It was a fabulous feeling! I was originally planning a Thursday class as well, but my mind and body were both tired so I gave it a miss.

I also had a bit of a sewing frenzy; my poor black coat has been missing a button for ages (probably over a year). I finally headed to the department store and chose a new set of buttons (I couldn't match the other buttons). Once I got stitching, I didn't stop!

My fabulous bunny socks were losing their bows, so I reattached them firmly.
After those jobs, I picked up a project that I have been working on (occasionally) for years. At least ten years - crazy:

And as well as all that, I've also bought several cards and presents (April is a busy time of year!), had my hair cut for the first time in months and eaten some really yummy food...

Fruit and yoghurt breakfast. I'm rarely this organised in the morning!

Chorizo and bean stew from a food market.

How do you manage "free" time?


Elle said...

Sounds like a great week off to me.

I LOVE the bunny socks. My goodness, Girl, you do have the cutest gear.

And so glad you enjoyed 4 ballet classes too. You must have been very tired.

Hurray for nice staycation!

RainStorm said...

They were a Christmas present. Possibly the best Christmas present ever!